Anastasia Dumitrescu is a Romanian multimedia artist and performer based in Transylvania, Romania. She studied performative arts at The National University of Performative Arts and Cinema, followed by a master degree on The theory and Practice of the Image, at The Center Of Excellency In Visual Studies in Bucharest. Her art practice-based research is being shaped by the ongoing correspondences between theories of environmental perception and landscapes.An interdisciplinary crossover which enables both critical and creative interpretations between the human, the nonhuman and their surroundings. Performing an encounter between theory and practice, her outlets encompass photography, video-art, sonic experiments and installations.

Vlad Fenesan is a Romanian multidisciplinary artist born in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Co-founder of hyphen and the experimental duo NAAUM. He studied film directing at the National Academy of Cinema in Bucharest. His practice is based on bringing together video and sound art, as a sonorous aproach of the visual, as a dynamic and experimental process, which involvels working with images and sounds closely related to the imediat environement and politics.