Teaser for the upcoming release by NAAUM

Landschaft - a limitrophic sonic investigation is a hybrid assemblage of soundscapes, field recordings and sonic explorations patched with spoken text cut-ups from various fields of theoretical inquiries questioning the way human and non-human perceives, performs upon and experiences the landscape. ‘’The term cut-up serves as an open container for a long list of terms and actions that describes the combinations and reassembly of existing motifs, fragments, images, and ideas from diverse and disconnected origins into newly synthesized entities.’’* Recycling the old in order to create the new with this cut-up procedure, surprising synapses and narratives are revealed, reinforcing the tight link between memory and imagination. “Though we still tend to think of ourselves as coherent beings and believe that our awareness is a continuous mental state, we are constantly evolving. We shift from one precept or thought to the next, from actuality to dream, association to deduction and recollection to imagination. Human consciousness is an ever changing cut-up of mental fragments held together by a fluctuating sense of self.”* Notions of displacement, fluidity and transition reveal insights about the contemporary conditions of our fragmented reality, and bring forward questions about conventional notions of apprehending the places that our society inhabits - the landscape.

* Radical Cut-Up: Nothing is Original / edited by Lukas Feireiss

Landschaft is the first in a series of audio experiments performed by NAAUM: an experimental duo composed of Anastasia Dumitrescu and Vlad Fenesan.