an audio-visual dialogue

To kickstart the Hyphen platform, visual artist Anastasia Dumitrescu and multidisciplinary artist Vlad Fenesan present their first collaboration: an audio-visual dialogue that is part of an ongoing series of collaborations that will be hosted on this platform. The artists had developed the platform as a container for their projects as well as for collaborations with other artists. Living remote at their studio in the hills of Transylvania, the artists propose a journal of their activities, artistic projects and daily inspirations. This first mix is recorded at their home studio, while the images were captured in the mountains nearby.

Entre acte I  is Hyphen’s first experimental mix, a collection of tracks that alludes to organic sounds and structures, narratives deeply connected to personal experience, an eclectic assemblage of atmospheric  tracks with more syncopated rhythms, fluttering and obscure low frequencies, this mix is a hybrid of textures and atmospheres that invites to abandon all expectations and simply let the mind wander, creating an immersive soundtrack for each one to journey.  As with all of our sonic experiments we create an artwork that enters in dialogue with the mix sonorous vibe and atmosphere. The present artwork is part of a triptych that raises questions about the dual nature of shapes found in the natural environment < being constantly on the edge, in the fissures and crevices, entwined in the intermediary zone of negative spaces, where each thing manifests in plain sight its own way of being - hyphen between certitudes and that which always changes, that fluid state of constant variations. An attempt to slow down and  listening to what lies beneath the surface that can reveal new possibilities of understanding sound and image in an ongoing dialogue and exchange.

Our search focus on relieving aspects of our perception of the surroundings that had been put aside by the way our society evolved. In our daily walks around the hills nearby our studio, we try to record encounters with stances and non-human objects that speak to us alongside our walks. We are interested though to present the interaction and inspiration we draw from nature and the multiple facets that this dialogue could engender. By processes of manipulation and digital intervention of the recorded images elements of decay revealed the movement and life of lines that echo the interior structures and arterial veins of a sculptural fossil skeleton. In fusion, these surfaces yield an entity of a new order, tendrils and tentacles that form a meshwork which can bind our gaze.

We propose for each stance that the viewer enters into a contemplative way of looking, a slow process of letting the image invade our senses, in a rhytmic alternation.the images are to be encountered not with intellectual agility but instead with a still and silent gaze. do not hold your breath, as you enable yourself to go deeper and engage. Not having other context around it, this fossil calls for attention on it s own, and the need to associate meaning and representation analogies to be silenced by a sonorous tactile gaze. The images are also present in the form of museum archival prints available on our shop. Each print is signed by the author.